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Date: 9/2/21.  Tour: Spanish Harlem


Post-hurricane subway delays forced a late start to our tour; however Leigh was accommodating and still gave us the full tour.  Leigh’s walk through the murals of Spanish Harlem weaves a story of Latin immigrants (Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc) melding into their new city far from their tropical home.  Leigh’s research is deep and leaves one with a new understanding of the deep culture of El Barrio.  Highly recommended! -Anne from Mexico

“We really enjoyed our tour, and spending time with Leigh, who was awesome! It provided the opportunity to see a neighborhood [West Harlem] we had not visited before, and sites we would have overlooked.” -Audrey from Canada



“Leigh was great and very knowledgeable about the areas and had prepared well. She was waiting for us when we arrived at the meeting place. Leigh also had good tips for our NYC plans after the walk was finished.” -Jessica from Australia



“My husband and I really enjoyed Leigh’s enthusiasm and personality. We saw/visited sites we would not otherwise have been exposed to. Leigh was very organized and had a great deal of information to share.” 


-Debra from USA





“Leigh was a very lovely lady with a passion for architecture and the arts, which was transferred to us through our tour.”


-John and Andrea from UK





“It was so wonderful to meet Leigh. We had a fabulous few hours together, and it was great to explore East Harlem, which we otherwise would not have seen.”


-Dalia and Michael from Australia





“Leigh made our party feel very good and very welcome. We learnt a lot from her. She is a very lovely person.”


-Joy from UK





“We had a great time with Leigh. She was well prepared and told us passionate stories. We felt very fortunate with the guide. It was a fantastic addition to our NYC visit.”


-Antonius from Netherlands





“Leigh was wonderful, welcoming, and very nice. She perfectly knew her subject, and the visit was well prepared. Thank you!”


-Alexandre from France