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Harlem Walking Tour

Now also available as a one hour Virtual Walking Tour on Zoom! All virtual tours include live transcription of the text to make the tour more accessible for attendees with hearing impairment. Please contact me for more details about the virtual tour.

This Harlem Walking Tour in NYC includes stops at many of the most famous locations in this attractive and historic neighborhood. It also focuses on the ways in which great African Americans are honored in Harlem.

More about this tour: We will visit iconic locations in Harlem such as the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Apollo Theater, Harlem Hospital murals, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 125th Street, and the statues of Harriet Tubman and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. We will also explore landmarked neighborhoods such as Astor Row, Mount Morris Park, and Strivers Row. As we walk, we will enjoy the beautiful architecture and wide boulevards of Harlem. And we will note the many ways in which great African Americans are honored in Harlem.

For visitors who are interested in shopping in Harlem, we can end at the African Market, which has lots of clothing, jewelry and handicrafts.

Time: 2.5 hours

$35 per ticket

We really enjoyed our tour, and spending time with Leigh, who was awesome! It provided the opportunity to see a neighborhood [West Harlem] we had not visited before, and sites we would have overlooked.

Audrey from Canada